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Week 1 Discussion 2 – Home Security

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We can learn some of the principles of cybersecurity through something we are all almost instinctively familiar with – home security. There are “bad guys” out there trying to break into your house to steal stuff, or even to do something worse, to cause physical damage to you or your house. Some of the bad guys will target you specifically, while some are opportunistic – they will just break into your house because it looks easy. That’s all similar to cybersecurity.

For this discussion,describe something that you do (or could do) to improve your home security / business security / network security. Please post something different than what other student have previously posted and you must describe how you think it improves security. We often do things because we hear they are important but don’t always think through as to what they accomplish.

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A simple example would be posting a sign that says “protected by Smith and Wesson” with a picture looking down the barrel of a gun is intended to scare a burglar so that they do not attempt to break into your house – it doesn’t make any difference whether you actually own a gun. On the other hand, sleeping with a gun under your pillow does not scare a burglar from breaking into your house, it accomplishes something very 

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