Hich Of The Following Games Would It Be Easiest To Adapt To Make A Speaking Acti

1 Which of the following games would it be easiest to adapt to make a speaking activity for a starter group vocabulary lesson on the topic of vegetables?

  The card game Poker.

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  The board game Chess.

  The card game Snap(UK) Slapjack(USA).

  The board game Monopoly®.

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2 Which of the following could be considered a disadvantage to both teachers and students in the use of authentic materials?

  These materials are usually well presented.

  These materials have not been graded for level or context.

  The materials have been checked for use in the classroom.

  These materials are often expected by the students.

3When providing students with an activity which involves a writing component, which of the following would it NOT be useful to give for their background material?

  Tell the students, if it is not good enough they will have to do it again.

  Give them outlines and /or prompts before they start.

  Let them know that if needed they may edit their first attempt.

  Give them a reason or purpose for the activity.

For each of the questions 4 to 8 choosing from a to d, which one would be the best example of authentic material for the skill given.


4 Reading a newspaper article the teacher has edited.

Reading a passage from an EFL workbook.

Reading a Blog on a topic of their interest.

Watching a Hollywood movie.


5 Reading a passage from an EFL workbook, written to highlight verbs.

Using an exchange program such as the mixxer language on SKYPE.

Doing a question/answer survey created and used in the classroom.

Two students reading a dialogue they made up about shopping to practice food nouns.


6 Radio interviews with famous people.

Listening to the teacher read the description he wrote of his house.

Listening to a cassette tape dialogue from the workbook series.

Watching a film with subtitles in their own language.


7 Writing a script on a topic covered in class to read to the class.

Listening to a tape or CD recording from the course book and writing a summary.

Reading a passage from the course book and writing a summary.

Writing journals and/or diaries for their own use at home.

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