healthcare issues facing healthcare administrator Unit 5 Assignment help

In  this  unit,  you  will  discuss  two  (2)  healthcare  issues  facing healthcare administrators.  In a  2page  summary,  you  will  identify  the  bioethical  and  political  issues  and  discuss how  you  would effectively  and ethically  handle the  situations.    You  must  address  both  of  the  following scenarios.

 Scenario  1:  You  are  the  healthcare  administrator  of  a  nursing  home.  You  are  informed  by  your Admissions  Director  that a  new  memory-impaired  resident  has  been  admitted  into  your  long- term  care  unit.  The  staff  is  concerned  about  the  involvement  of  family  with  your  resident.  Family members  from  out-of-town  arrived  and  expressed  concern  about  your  resident’s  do  not resuscitate  (DNR)  orders  which  were  authorized  by  the  Power  of  Attorney  of  another  family member.  A  quarrel  erupts  in  the  nursing  home  with  family  members  voicing  their  opinions loudly.  You  arrive  on  the  scene  and  are  immediately  told  by  the  visiting  family  member,  â€œDo  you know  who  I  am? I  am  a supervisor  for  the  Department  of  Health  and  Human  Services  and  will not hesitate to have your facility surveyed for noncompliance.” What do you do?

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 Scenario  2:  You  are  the  administrator  of  a  for-profit  healthcare  clinic.  The  receptionist  notifies you  that  a  15-year-old  has  arrived  needing  prenatal  care  and  does  not  want  her  parents  to  know about  her  pregnancy.  She  is  covered  by  her  parent’s  insurance  and  does  not  have  enough money to privately pay for the visit. What do you do? 

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