For Your Final Work On This Project You Will Now Put The Pieces Together By Inco

For your final work on this project, you will now put the pieces together by incorporating your research along with a report on the changes you made and the outcome of your changes. In your paper , you will identify and discuss: the project you chose and a history or story why you chose it. Include the research you conducted to determine best practice or what changes would most likely result in improvement (six references are required, four of which must be “juried,” meaning peer-reviewed or “scholarly”). You should discuss what you were trying to accomplish, what processes or changes you put into place, how you determined that change was an improvement, and the measures you used to determine improvement. Review the Improvement Project Report.

Include in your paper: graphs, charts and illustrations to help define your project. Include in your summary what you learned from your project and how you will use continuous quality improvement in the future. C

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