English Comp II Discussion writing homework help

Currently on vacation this week and don’t have time to write a discussion response so I need your help. 50 words minimum but need to be as detailed as possible.

In this week’s discussion, answer the following:

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  1. What specific facts are you required to know, share, and defend in your field? *I’m a Certified Nurse Assistant*
  2. What sources do you consider most credible when you defend facts and statements to someone who is questioning you about the accuracy of your claims?

Here are some examples: 

  • Secretaries have to create and keep track of schedules and other kinds of information, which they produce on request for clients or supervisors. 
  • Financial workers have to respond to auditors and advise clients about the best investment opportunities.
  • Sales people have to answer questions about products and defend their claims about quality and performance.
  • Tech support people explore facts surrounding each customer’s situation and troubleshoot using the process of elimination.
  • Managers have to know all aspects of a job and ensure production requirements are met by the people under their watch.

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