Eleven Principles Seven Skills and Five Metrics management homework help

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  1. You will write a paper for this assignment.
  2. Read Chapter 11, “Eleven Principles, Seven Skills, and Five Metrics,” in the textbook, The ROI of Human Capital.
  3. Write an 800- to 1000-word paper guided by the following requirements:
    1. Introduction: Write a brief introduction to the paper.
    2. Making the Business Case Research Summary: Research the concept of making a business case and provide a summary of your research findings; include the steps to follow in making a case.
    3. Communicating the Business Case: Explain how you – in the role of an HR professional – would communicate your business case (that is, the details of your completed HR strategy: strategy map, objectives, measurements, targets, initiatives and budget, as completed in Workshop Five and updated as necessary) to the organization’s executive management:
      1. What means of communication would you use for making the business case?
      2. What would be the main points of your communication to executive management?
      3. What “evidence” would you provide to support your HR aims and claims?
    4. Ongoing Communication of Status of Initiatives: Detail how the status of the HR Scorecard initiatives will be communicated in an ongoing manner to executive management (i.e., “what” and “when” and “how” the communication will be provided going forward).
    5. Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion.
    6. Use appropriate headings for each of the above lettered items in the paper.
    7. Include a cover page and a reference page in addition to the 800-1000 words required for the assignment. 
    8. Attach the one-page HR scorecard you completed in Workshop Five (updated as necessary) as an appendix to your written paper for use as a reference in the assignment.  Do not submit the scorecard page as a separate document.
  4. Before submitting this assignment, thoroughly review the completed paper for APA formatting and mechanics.  Check the instructions of this workshop document and the rubric for this assignment to be sure that your paper has met all requirements.


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Documents attached: my paper from week 5 referenced in the assignment & the scorecard template.

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