Egypt and Mesopotamia history homework help

This assignment is Activity 1.1 on page 4 of the textbook: Prepare a report that focuses on engineering inoneof the following eras. Analyze two or three key events during that era that you consider to be engineering highlights and explain their importance to the progress of man in a global, economic, environmental, and/or societal context.

a) Prehistoric man

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b) Egypt and Mesopotamia

c) Greece and Rome

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d) Europe in the Middle Ages

e) Europe in the Industrial Revolution

f) The 20th century

The report should be approximately one to two pages typewritten, double spaced, and include your name, ENGR1010-B, and the date. The specific historical era should be clearly identified. The engineering highlights should be described briefly and their importance to the progress of man should be explained in a way that is identifiable, reasonable, and sound. The report should display good sentence structure, grammar, and diction, with no run-on sentences or comma splices. The report should use correct punctuation, with minimal to no spelling errors. If you are a mac user, please be aware that I cannot open a “Pages” document.

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