Educational and occupational history timeline sociology homework help

Unit 6 Assignment

In this Assignment you will begin to work on your final project by constructing a personal timeline of your own educational and career experiences. Please complete this Assignment in Microsoft Word using the following format:

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Construct the timeline with your educational history along the top of the timeline and your occupational history across the bottom. Your educational history should contain any education or training that you feel is relevant. This can include high school graduation, training as an EMS first responder, etc. Your occupational history should be listed at the bottom of the timeline. You can go as far back in your career history as you feel is relevant to forming where you are now.

You can find templates for timelines online, or you create your own timeline in Word (Click on Insert, choose Illustrations, SmartArt for templates).

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IN HighSChool I was trained in highschool to work as a teacher assistant. Went to a kindergarten class and help asssist the children 2 days out of the week.


I worked at a daycare from 19 yrs old to 21 years old  , next I worked and still currently work for the past 20 years as a CNA (certified nurse assitant) and a habilitaion tech (help the disable population with daily living goals to become as independent as they can.

Thank You.

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