Do you believe the author s premise that requiring frequent password changes may actually decrease security Why

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I have an article . first for this article you have to read it and answer some questions , the questions are :

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Attached please find an article on frequent password changes and their impact on security. After reading the article, read and respond to at least two of the questions and suggestions below. Initial response – 2-3 paragraphs. Also, please respond to others in the class in a separate posting in response to their posting, so it’s clear who you’re responding to.

1) Do you believe the author’s premise, that requiring frequent password changes may actually decrease security? Why?

2) What attack methods seem to you most likely to break a password weakened as the author suggests? Why?

3) What methods seem to you most likely to improve protection for these “weakened” passwords? What can users and organizations do besides requiring password changes?

Please try to post your initial replies to this thread, and to one another, by late Sunda. I’ll post some follow-up questions to address, briefly, in response to your ideas. We’ll post an announcement when we’ve made those postings.


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