digital art review assignment help

Your review should include the following:
� A title
� Details of the new media art work/exhibition/film/performance�
(e.g. name of artist / curator / director; title of art work/exhibition /film/performance; year of production / exhibition dates; venue)
� A critical discussion and evaluation of the work/s including thematic concerns and aesthetic qualities as well as a discussion of audience experience.
� An analysis of the role of digital technologies used in the production, distribution and reception of the work.
� You may include images, but this is not essential. If you do include images, please make sure you identify them clearly with an appropriate caption.
� You should engage with ideas from at least two of the weekly readings.
Note: Your review should try to convey a sense of the audience experience of the new media artwork / exhibition / film for your reader (remember, you can�t assume they have seen the work). You need to describe the experience of the work for your reader. You may use both first person and third person in the review.
Some questions you may consider in your review:
� How can we categorize this work? What new media art genre is it?
� Concept – what is the work about? An idea? An experience? How does the artist communicate this ideas/experience? How successfully?
� Audience interaction – how are audiences involved in this work? How do they engage with it?
� What are the aesthetic qualities of the work?
� What materials does it use?
� What senses does it engage?
� How does this work make you feel?
� What does this work make you think about?
� What other works does this remind you of? What are its influences?
How successful is this artwork? What are its aesthetic qualities, ideas, technical skill?

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