different cultures determine what is proper behavior social science homework help

I need answers for these multiple choices based from the reading. Please make sure that all of them are right. It is just 10 questions and I’ll attached the file for the reading  

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1- different cultures determine what is proper behavior based in part on:

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a) whether people look each other in the eye.

b) The distance people stand apart when they talk

c) How tall the people stand when they speak. 

2-Benjamin whorf noted that the Hopi cannot distinguish :

a)Three-dimensional interior spaces like a room , a Hall way , etc.

b) the distances that they can shoot arrows versus shots bullets with a gun.

c) Great distances on map

3- Children have a trouble understanding directions because:

a) They think the world is all the same

b) They can only comprehend the idea of where they live.

c) They do not yet have the mental capability to comprehend space.

4- In a corporate office in France the top person sits in the middle and rarely will make space for another person, while  in America we tend  automatically go to the edges of the room to leave the space open in the center for communal activities. This expresses cultural differences in our respective concept of:

a)Kinds of activities we like  


c)child rearing practices 

5-Hall argues that space is like language in that it communicates ideas, behavior, and social relations:

a) True 

b) False

6-After she was done, the elders told her to tell them more stories because:

a)They thought the they could understand her better

b)they needed to explain the true meaning to a young person like her.

c) They enjoyed hearing about foreign lands.

7) She found the her assumption that the great classics of literature were universal , so everyone would understand the deeper meaning the same way, was wrong.

a) True 

b) False 

8- The stories were just stories and had a little meaning other than entertainment.

a)George Washington and the cherry tree 

b) Hamlet

c) Moby Dick

9- What assumption did Bohannon start with .

a) That there were universal stories that all cultural would interpret the same.

b)that there were stories that some elements were universal , but not all.

c) that stories were just stories and had a little meaning other than entertainment.

10- Bahannon was doing fieldwork in :

a) Africa 

b) South Africa 

c) Thailand 

Thank you.

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