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Please check those answers in bold !  Multiple choice questions

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to maximize learning, a…………..should be presented on a ………..schedule

1. UCS alone; continuous

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2.  UCS alone,intermittent

3. CS+UCS; intermittent

4. CS+UCS; continuous

Which of the following is an example of latent learning?

1. Remembering where the nearest gas station is when you unexpectedly run out of gas during your morning commute

2. A rabbit knowing to run away from an unleashed dog

3. earning tokens for food behavior and spending the tokens on good behavior prizes

4. learning karate from your best friend who takes karate lesson

which of the following experiment involves the use of operant conditioning?

  1. rewarding a child for finishing his oatmeal mush and counting how many times the child needs to be rewarded before he finishes his oatmeal voluntarily
  2. pairing a puff of air to the eye with seeing the color red in order to find out how many receptions it will take for someone to blink when he sees the color red
  3. blindfolding someone and timing him to see how long itches him to estimate the size of room
  4. determining how long it takes someone to learn how to fish if he is only allowed to watch other people fishing

which of the following experiments involves the use of social learning theory?

  1. pairing a puff of air to the wow with a handshake to see how long it will take someone to blink before offering he hand
  2. blindfolding someone and timing her to see how long it takes her to determine what she is eating
  3. rewarding a girl for finishing her homework with ice cream and counting how much homework she will complete before becoming sick of ice-cream
  4. determining how long it takes a person to learn how to knot id she is only allowed to watch Youtube video of people knitting

WHich of the following is an example of fixed ratio reinforcement schedule?

 1. Play the slot machine

2. knowing you will get to play miniature golf as soon as you collect 10 gold stars for your reward chart

3. feeding your fish everyday at 8.am 

4. checking your email at random times throughout the day instead of every time your hear the new email notification 

John wants to train his daughter to excuse herself before she leaves the table. Although her does not know how often he will reward for excusing herself, he does know that he will not reward her overtime she excuses herself. Which reinforcement schedule is John planning to use?

  1. continuous
  2. partial
  3. primary
  4. secondary

Mable clicks her tongue while tickling Francis. Eventually, Francis starts to squirm and giggle every time Mabel clicks her tongue, even when he is not being tickled. IN this example, tongue clocking is a(n)……….

1. unconditioned response

2. unconditioned stimulus

3. conditioned response

4. conditioned  stimulus

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