Criminology Theory Biological Theories of crime writing homework help

Part 2: Criminological Theory 

This Research paper should include the section focused upon the selected criminological theory.

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Selected Criminology Theory: Biological Theories of crime.

This criminology theory tries to explain individual’s behaviors contrary to societal anticipations and expectations through analyzing individual’s characteristics. These theories are classified within a model known as positivism or determinism, which argues that law violating behaviors and any other behaviors are determined by factors beyond ones control. This theory asserts that individuals basically choose their behaviors in coherent processes of rational decision making, and with critique lawmaking, critical theories, and the uneven distribution of wealth and power. Biological theories can further be categorized into three parts;

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•Those that try to differentiate among people on the basis of specific instinctive outward physical characteristics (that is, those individual is born with).

•Those that try to trace the source of hereditary traits.

•Those that try to differentiate among people on the basis of functional, structural or chemical differences in the body and/or brain (Gabbidon, 2015).

In this section, (1) discuss the foundations and principles of the selected theory, (2) compare and contrast the selected theory to at least two other criminological theories like (Choice Theory and Conflict Theory), and (3) discuss why this theory was selected to explain why an individual decides to commit crime as well as how the theory assists criminal justice professionals in understanding criminal activity. Please note to only explain why the theory was selected in the last part of this section. !!!A full discussion on the topics highlighted in item three (3) above shows what will be included in the final paper!!!

In addition, please incorporate at least four additional scholarly resources as part of their discussion about the selected criminological theory. 

Research Paper should be five-seven pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. (APA style)

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