Chapter 10 What Do You Think Are Important Components Of A Marriage Define Marri

Chapter 10: What do you think are important components of a marriage? Define marriage according to the text/lecture. How do you define intimacy? How does your definition compare with that of the text? Provide one example of what makes a relationship continue, or fail to continue, according to the text? Has research found any differences in the parenting styles between heterosexual and homosexual couples? Describe one alternative to marriage.

Chapter 11: Define gender, gender roles, and gender stereotypes according to the text/lecture. Besides biological differences, are there other important differences between males and females, such as behavioral and cognitive differences (please cite one)?

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Complete the chart on the activity sheet. How did you decide on your answers? Are there traditional gender-role expectations that many people believe in? Have the gender-role expectations changed? How did you score on the BEM test (located in the modules section under Ch. 11)? Can gender stereotypes bias your perceptions and expectations, as well as your interactions? Explain

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