Case Study And Written Assignment Ocean Spray Cranberries

Case Study and Written Assignment: Ocean Spray Cranberries: Environmental Risk Management

(Harvard Business Case)

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·        Does concern for the environment affect the economics of Ocean Spray’s business? If so, how? Is management attentive to environmental issues?

·        Evaluate the way Ocean Spray manages the growers. Do you think Ocean Spray should assert more control over growers? Is that possible? 

·        Should Ocean Spray be more pro-active in the debate of the Clean Water Act? Does public action create reputational risk for Ocean Spray?  If so, how would you best approach the issue?

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·        Discuss briefly the pros and cons concerning the use of wetland areas for cranberry bogs. Are current approaches well-balanced?

·        With respect to reputational risk, does Ocean Spray’s existing environmental management program present Ocean Spray in a positive manner? Is Ocean Spray doing enough? What is the best way to make sure that both politicians and the public know and understand the problems confronting Ocean Spray, and the pro-active approaches taken to address these concerns?

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