Business Ethics Report APA style

You are going to report on some facet of business ethics for this report.  Remember in aninformational report you are only presenting the facts; there is nothing to interpret or recommend.  Your introduction and summary will take up approximately ½ page, so your actual facts will only beapproximately 1 ½-2 pages long.  Your possibilities are almost endless!  You may pick somethingyou have heard about already or something you know nothing about.  This report needs to be on avery specific topic.  It may be about a company or individual that has gotten into trouble over anethical issue or perhaps ways to avoid ethical lapses in a particular field.

You must have at least 3 sources in your informational report about business ethics.  Your sources willbe:

ï‚· books,ï‚· web pages,ï‚· magazines

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ï‚· newspapersï‚· scholarly, peer-reviewed journals  ï‚· other appropriate sources you findï‚· Only one of each type of source may be used for this assignment

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