Build a state diagram modeling engineering assignment help

SHORT ESSAY: Write your answers in a separate document in Word (.doc/.docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) and post it to the course online system by deadline. 

Please note that the answer to each of these questions is hardly more than half a page. So your answers must be short and to the points. Writing too much and “irrelevant” to the question will cost you points. Also for each question you must add the source at the end of your answer (page number from the textbook or the URL from the Web).

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1. Build a state diagram modelling the required behavior of a thermostat in a house temperature control system. The model should capture the dynamics of state variables controlled by the thermostat based on the following simplified problem statement.

thermostat shall regulate house heating and air conditioning (AC) system. It must switcthe heating sub– system on when the heating mode is on and the measured home temperature is below some user-specified temperature, and off when the heating mode is off or the measured homtemperature is above that desired temperature. Symmetrically, ththermostat must switcthAC subsystem on when the cooling mode is on and the measured home temperature is above some user– specified temperature, and off when the cooling mode is off or the measured homtemperature is below that desired temperature. The thermostat shall alscontrol user interface that will consistently display:(a) the current mode (heating or cooling),(b) whether the corresponding sub-system is running or not, and (c) the current measured temperature and the desired temperature entered by the user on a control panel.

Due to the inherent concurrency in this system, your state diagram should show nested parallel and sequential states.

2. Elaborate an overall organization of a multi-view model for the meeting scheduling system into cohesive packages. Explain the reasons for your grouping choices.

3. Show how the context diagram in Figure 11.8 can be derived piece wise from the goal model fragment shown in Figure 8.20

4. Derive an agent diagram and a context diagram from the goal model fragment for the meeting scheduling system shown in Figure 8.11.

 Refer requirements engineering textbook here

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