Book Review about Media Law communications homework help

You will have 3 options for the required book review, and You just need choose one book from Reading list and write a book review!!!  

Option 1: review a book dealing directly with the U.S. Supreme Court as an institution.

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Option 2: review a biography or autobiography of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Option 3: Review a book dealing with a specific media-related U.S. Supreme Court Case.

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Appendix will help you how to do a good review, also the Reading list as below!!

Book Critique. You will read and review a significant book* related to the material covered in this course. This is more than a book report. You should critique the purpose and arguments of the book and evaluate its effectiveness and significance. A reading list will be provided, but there are many other excellent books that are equally suitable and may be selected. You will, however, need my approval for books not on the list.

The written review should be 750 to 1000 words, typed double-spaced with at least a one-inch border all around. Each page should numbered. with a title page before page one.  

This is an evaluation, a critique of the book and not merely a report of the book’s contents. Do not try to summarize the full contents of the book or outline its points chapter by chapter.

  As to form, type the title of your review at the top of page one. Skip a space and then indicate this is a review by plainly stating “A Review of [author], [title of book], [publisher], [date of publication].” Skip another space, and include the following information.

You can Find those book, which you want to review from online, Or i can mailing to you the book you choose! we can message to talk about that! Thank you ! 

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