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For this assignment, you will choose one of the main concepts discussed in this course. You will be creating and submitting an outline in Unit V, completing an article review in Unit VI, and compiling all of your research into a course project in Unit VII. After submitting the Unit V Outline, your professor will provide you with feedback that you will integrate into the course project in Unit VII. Research the following topics:

 ï‚· Examine the innovations and technological advances directly related to the U.S. military.

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 ï‚· Evaluate differences in the U.S. military during times of peace and war. For this assignment, you will be creating a two-page outline. Your outline will need to be uploaded into this unit, and it is suggested, though not required, that you include potential sources The professor will provide you with feedback, and in Unit VII, you will integrate the suggestions into the Unit VII Project. The goal of this assignment is to prepare you for the 

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