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Question: An advertising agency is hired to create a campaign to sell new, high-end gas station coffee drinks to two audiences: middle-aged professionals and college students. How might the campaign differ based on audience values, knowledge, etc.? Commercials? Music? Graphics? Language?

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responses: 1.Coffee is the one of popular in the world that everybody like to drink from young to old. For the value, i have to say this is the quite cheap drink which people can buy without  thinking cause it help people stay focus on their work in the morning.  For the knowledge, college student maybe not have much because they just like which one is sweat, which want have cream or they like mix some cream. They can easy try some one new without thinking as long as that drink sweat and have sugar. The middle-age total different, they just like the classic: black coffee, cappuccino, espresso cause they concern about their health, they like the one less sugar. For commercials, the young really like commercial have a lot of graphic, something weird which other shop not have. They like colorful with pop, rap music in the shop everything make to the youth. While the old like peace, quiet, they like to enjoy a cup of coffee in a shop which is not noisy with classic, soft music. They not like color much everything they one just a place can enjoy life. Beside that, quality is the thing middle-aged they care, each country have a different coffee. Its mean their flavor different too so each old people have other way to drink coffee. The language not important like quality, its just a name which help people remember the drink. The name not need too complicated just simple word but they can remember forever like espresso basic coffee.

2. Advertising to these two different audiences could present the need for much different approaches. The values of middle-aged professionals usually differ a lot from those of college students. A college student may not find coffee as important as the middle-aged professional or they might rather have the cheapest option while the professional could afford the best of the best. Their knowledge of other coffee products and energy boosters could also play a big role in how the advertisement campaign should go. It may be easier to advertise to the college student since they probably aren’t as knowledgeable as the professional about coffee products. The campaign could be more focused on grabbing the college students’ attention with a funny dialogue or situation but then may have to delve a little deeper for the middle-aged professional who may prefer more information and benefits. The campaign would need to advertise using music, graphics, and language that appeals to each separate audience since what they like and prefer may be very different.

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3.In order to meet the actual demands of the customers, we should tailor the specific services and products for different customer needs. Accordingly, different advertising campaigns should be prepared. As for middle-aged professionals, they would like to prefer the advertisement with clear and concise language and specific description of the products and services. Middle-aged professionals pay more attention to the language and direct graphics. They are more likely to be vulnerable to the graphic and descriptive advertisements. They will be attracted by personalized and novel things, as they are more reasonable about their specific needs. Therefore, I think an interesting and novel commercial graphic can be an effective advertisement for the middle-aged professionals. In addition, pop music is effective. We can arrange our product description in the music lyrics. For this, the description for the products can be remembered by most middle age people with the popularity of the commercial music song.

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