According to Hersey and Blanchard behavior quiz help

  According to Hersey and Blanchard, a __________ style of leadership is best for high follower readiness. (Points : 1)  

Question 2. 2. Given the authority of their positions, managers may be inclined to do a lot of _____________, but not much ___________________. (Points : 1)






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Question 3. 3. In Fiedler’s leadership contingency theory, a leader’s style is essentially a ______________. (Points : 1)






Question 4. 4. ___________________ focus on the creation or alteration of cognitive thought processes. (Points : 1)






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Question 5. 5. In his contingency theory of leadership, Fiedler measures high, moderate, and low situational control with which of the following three variables? (Points : 1)






Question 6. 6. Self-leadership activities are often divided into these three broad categories: (Points : 1)






Question 7. 7. The flow of messages at the same levels across organizations is known as (Points : 1)






Question 8. 8. _____________ differences in organizations create potential communication barriers between persons of higher and lower ranks. (Points : 1)






Question 9. 9. Grapevines have the advantage of _______________________. (Points : 1)






Question 10. 10. The primary disadvantage of grapevines occurs when __________________. (Points : 1)






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