1 A Marketing Consultant Was In The Process Of Studying The Perceptions Of Marri


(a) Can the consultant conclude at the 5% significance level that the

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husband’s mean estimate for the family clothing expenditure is higher than 310


(b) Assume that the true population mean of the husband’s estimate is

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315 (dollars) and the true population standard deviation is 34 (dollars).

Calculate the probability of type II error of the hypothesis test

H0: μh = 310

HA: μh > 310

with a 5% significance level.

(c) Can the consultant conclude at the 5% significance level that the

majority (more than half) of wives believe that the family clothing expenditure

is not less than 320 (dollars)?

(d) Can the consultant conclude at the 5% significance level that the

husband’s mean estimate is higher than the wife’s mean estimate? (Hint: you

firstly have to decide the two samples are independent or paired.)

(e) Calculate 95% confidence interval for the population mean difference

between the husband’s estimate and wife’s estimate, and briefly describe what

the confidence interval tells you.

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